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Over Molding or Insert Molding, Which Is Right for Your Project

Insert Molding

It is easy to get confused with over molding and insert molding. Which one to choose for your particular project? There is lots of back and forth as these two subjects have slightly different. Knowing more about how the industry treats these two rapid injection molding items can help you what’s the best for your project.


Over Molding


The process of Over Molding is very similar in some ways. Over molding is a secondary injection molding process goes over the one injected molded piece.


The way of over molding can be applied in reach different plastic surface on a plastic utensil or consumer product. Injection molded the original part first, then poured the over molding material on top/surround secondarily. That’s why the name of over molding.


Insert Molding


The idea in Insert Molding is that one or even several inserted pieces (typically in metal) to fit inside a product design, as a functional component.


The original manufactured part or “insert” will be located firmly into the injection mold, the plastic molding flows around the original piece to encapsulate or connect with it as design. The insert will be a component after molding. And the finished product is composed of that original piece, or multiple pieces, precision molded into the larger plastic product.


TEAM Rapid is a professional Rapid Injection Molding company, rapid prototype and low volume manufacturing are our core services. Our engineering team has many years of experience in rapid injection molding, and whether it is a simple molding or a complex insert molding or over molding, we can provide you with the best solution. If you want to know more, please contact us at today!

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