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General Equipment For Manufacturing Rapid Tooling


Tooling which called mould, mold, tool, die as well, is the physical item that can be used to achieve the goal products by changing the shape of the material, especially if the item is not consumed in the process. Generally, it includes fixtures or jigs, rapid tooling for low to medium production, and hard tools for mass production.

How to manufacture a tool? A tool always consists of various components. These components can be machined separately then assembled together to be a final tool. Typically, there are two types of the machining equipment. One is called ordinary processing, includes lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, drilling, etc.; another is for special processing, such as wire cutting, EDM, CNC, etc. Team rapid tooling china specializes in Rapid Tooling for many years. Herein, we will present some basic equipment for manufacturing rapid tooling in our factory. Of course these machines can be used for making kinds of tools as well, including fixtures and mass production tool. First, we will talk some common processing machines.

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1. Milling machine: it has a wide range of machining capacity, almost can be found in every tooling factory. It uses for rough and fine milling the planes and slots. The flat milling cutter, ball end cutter and R cutter are the most popular cutters. The defect is it can not machine an inside right angle.


2. Drilling Machine: it’s a small size machine used for drill the holes. Generally, the drilling holes are less than 16mm. It always uses for machining the holes without high quality or fine precision. But the operation is very easy and the machining speed is very fast.


3. Radial drilling machine: it is a branch of the drilling machine, with an arm that can be rotated around the main axel. It’s most used for the higher workpiece which is out of the common drilling machine’s capacity, or drilling the deep holes.


4. Lathe: it’s the most common machining equipment, which uses for machining the rotary parts, such as the round inserts, support pillars, location rings, etc.


5. Big Water Grinding Machine: it’s the necessary equipment for machining the larger workpieces, such as the datum planes, sliders, block datum for large tooling plates.


6. Grinding machine: it’s a very common machining equipment which used for processing the small size tooling parts. It’s a high precision machine which can be up to ±0.002μm. But the cutter path is only straight, so it’s not good for curved face milling.


Is the information above helpful for you? Please keep following us at TEAM Rapid Tooling, we will talk some more special processing machines next time.

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