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Top 5 Popular Prototyping Materials


Choosing a suitable material by rapid prototyping service to verify your design is the most important step you need to take into considerations. Here, we are going to talk about the top 5 popular Prototyping Materials we used in creating rapid prototypes.

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Due to the good mechanical property, Nylon can be used to create gear parts and some components used outdoor. It is resistant to outside elements such as weather and chemical.




Acrylics can be to create durable components such as panoramic windows, translation walls and high-end pools. Also, acrylics can be treated and customized to clear shelf to shore foods or presentation.




Polycarbonates is one of the durable polymers available outdoor. It can be consider as the upgraded material of basic acrylics.




ABS is often used to create durable hard cased, tool boxes, storage boxes. It is popular to use as prototyping material. 




This is a polymer with thermal properties. It is used widely in the food industry to storage certain products or to create packages to contain chemical items. Polypropylenes will not lose its properties even by repeatedly wash. It also has incredible resistance to environmental conditions.


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