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4 Aspects that Impact the Tooling Manufacturing Costs


Would you feel like a shot in the dark when you request a quote for manufacturing your parts or product by Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Tooling, it seems hard to predict the price and time. But actually, there are several aspects that we can have an estimation of price and time you are going to receive.

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Parts material(plastic or metal), sized of the parts, manufacturing process and finish used, tooling requirements and quantity needs, all these have bearing on the cost of creating a part. Here, we want to share some basic guidelines to give you a better idea of the factors that will impact your manufacturing costs.


1. Material Costs

The cost of your project will be impacted by the material you choose. Material costs are aligning slowly around the world, you can have a rough idea of raw material costs by finding out your local costs of material. Cheaper material might mean a less durability or quality on your product, a more expensive material will raise the manufacturing costs but you can obtain a higher quality product that last longer.


2. Quality Required

You pay for quality when your parts come to Manufacturing. Reliable manufacturer pay utmost attention to quality control, this helps guarantee your product is follows your specifications, you will run into fewer issues and avoid forth and back. In the long run, you can save money by investing in quality.


3. Manufacturing Facilities’ Location

Your manufacturing partner’s location will impact the cost of your project. In the 2016 Deloitte Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index. Due to the competitive pricing and well-developed manufacturing infrastructure, China is an ideal location for manufacturing product and parts, you can have quite a range of pricing options in China.


4. Lead Time of the Project

Manufacturing a product in a shorter lead-time is more expensive. We can build a multi cavities close and open Rapid Tooling in 7 calendar days or even less, it is quick, but it means dedicating more resources, So if you want your part quickly, be prepared to fork out a bit more money.


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