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Low Volume Manufacturing Is Efficient

Low volume manufacturing is a manufacturing method to produce custom products in low volume. It is a part of pre production and a manufacturing technique for faster mass production. Low manufacturing involves producing around 50 to 100,000 units. Low volume manufacturing is expensive because the manufacturing cost is divided between each unit. The overhead costs of traditional manufacturing methods involve tooling, material and labor. Low volume manufacturing decreases because traditional manufacturing methods and additive manufacturing. Thanks to additive manufacturing, the cost of entry is low. And the low volume manufacturing needs less labor and creates less material wasted. At TEAM Rapid, we offer many different low-volume manufacturing processes and low Volume manufacturing strategies. If you need help on your manufacturing low volume parts, contact us today.

Low Volume Manufacturing


Why is low volume manufacturing becoming popular?

When it comes to high volume manufacturing, traditional manufacturing methods like plastic injection molding is the best choice. Low volume production is becoming more and more popular in recent years. Additive manufacturing for low volume production allows manufacturers to spend less time and money in material and tooling. It helps manufacturers to get to market quicker than their competitors. Additive manufacturing allows to respond to design revision quickly.

What advantages dose low volume manufacturing offer?

Low-volume manufacturing has many advantages. It certainly benefits business. Depending on the chosen technologies, manufacturers can launch their new products to market faster within days or a few weeks instead of months. After the low volume manufacturing products are put in the market, manufacturers can get and gather customer feedback before running into mass production. With low-volume manufacturing, manufacturers can modify the design without changing a large number of products. It is very flexible and it saves time and reduce material waste. Low-volume manufacturing shortens the production lead time. High-volume production will take around one month to make the mold. Additive manufacturing and 3D printing processes do not require mold or tooling which shortens the lead time significantly. Low-volume manufacturing respond to design changes quickly. It reduces cost and the production time is shorter.

What are low volume manufacturing processes?   

AT TEAM Rapid, we provide many different technologies for customized low-volume manufacturing. No matter customers need 3D printing, injection molding , CNC machining or other manufacturing technologies, we are able to do. Our team of engineers will ensure each customer will be impressed by their high-quality, quick and efficient services.

What are low volume manufacturing strategies ?

Low volume manufacturing strategies focused in manufacturing low volume quantities time and cost-effectively. Choosing the suitable low volume manufacturing strategies helps to reduce cost and development time . Three low-volume manufacturing strategies include high mix low volume manufacturing, adaptive lean low volume manufacturing and just in time manufacturing. High mix, low volume manufacturing requests several process changes and many materials and tools. It is not an ideal option for assembly line environment as it requests creativity and adaptivity. It is an ideal choice when it comes to build single part with many components. High mix, low volume manufacturing maintain different income streams instead of relying on one unique part. During low-volume manufacturing, processes used to create a product should be as few as possible. Adaptive lean low volume manufacturing is efficient, waste-free. It is able to changeover machines, work cells and support systems rapidly to create parts. Adaptive lean low-volume manufacturing strategy is suitable for producing a series of identical parts without particular complex. Just in time manufacturing controls the cost by keeping low inventory and save storage space. Just in time manufacturing is helpful when the product material is costly and and product are produced in pair.

In industrial production, many parts cannot be mass-produced by machines. Low-volume manufacturing is useful. It saves time, materials cost and speed up the product launch cycle. Low-volume manufacturing can largely meet personalized product customization. If you want to learn more about our low volume manufacturing strategies and manufacturing low volume parts we have ever produced, contact us at today. 

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