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6 Answers for The Cost of Your Rapid Prototype China

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You may think what factors will affect the cost of my prototypes. How can I have a rough estimation about it? Here, we want to share our opinions about those main factors.


1. Manufacturing Method


Rapid Prototype, 3D Printing, Rapid Injection Molding, pressure die casting, Sheet Metal Fabrication can be the method to build your prototype. But different method always leads to different prices. A reliable manufacturer such as TEAM Rapid always helps the customer to select the best Rapid Prototype China method to save cost and lead-time, sometime, we may consider at least 2 methods for guaranteeing the quality.


2. Quantity


Typically, the unit price is lower when in larger quantities.


3. Material


Plastic and metal are the most 2 popular material for rapid prototyping. Plastics are supposed to be cheaper than metal, and the imported materials (both plastics and metals) are more expensive than domestic materials.


4.  Structure and Dimension


The machining time and cost will be increased if parts are large and complex.


5.  Surface Treatment


The purpose of surface treatment is for making your prototype more pretty and durable. Polishing, paining, sand blasting, silk screen, powder coating, anodizing are the universal post finish processes.


6.  Labor Cost


Generally, labor cost in developing countries is cheaper than developed countries. Even though the labor cost is increasing in China these days, but it still competitive. Consider the complete upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, China is good area for your rapid prototyping and low volume manufacturing needs.


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