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How to Make Custom Electronic Enclosures


Electronic product developers are able to turn a scrapheap-bound piece of junk into a market-conquering phenomenon. Prototype and the end parts need custom electronic enclosures. The custom electronic enclosures represent the finishing touch of the electronic device and hold the components and wiring in place to make sure the electronic device is durable and have a professional appearance. At TEAM Rapid, our possibilities to make custom electronic enclosures are endless. We have ever use a wide range of processes and materials make laser-cut wooden box , sheet metal casing, CNC machined aluminum shell such as the enclosure of a MAC book laptop and more. Contact us today for your custom electronic enclosures projects. We will use different technologies like CNC machining, injection molding, sheet metal fabrication, pressure die casting and more to fulfill customers’ need.

Custom Electronic Enclosures


What is custom electronic enclosure?

A custom electronic enclosure is a outer shell of electronic device. The electronic enclosure contains the components and other pars of the electronic device. Custom electronic enclosures are normally made from plastic or metal. The electronic enclosures keep components in place and protect the fragile components from external hazards such as dust and liquid. The electronic enclosures allow to connect inputs and outputs easily. It also makes the part recognizable though it shape, color, branding and more.


CNC machining custom electronics enclosure

CNC machines are one of the tools to make custom electronics enclosure. CNC machining centers can metal and plastic. The parts can be produced directly from a digital CAD design. CNC machining is repeatable. Once one custom electronics enclosure is machined, the same design file can be sued to produce thousand more identical copies. CNC machining allows to make complex enclosures with high geometrical complex. CNC machining allow to make smooth curves, asymmetrical structures and complex features. CNC machining may be slower than other methods like sheet metal fabrication, but it is an effective method to produce custom electronic enclosures


Sheet metal fabrication custom electronics enclosure

Sheet metal fabrication is one of the most important methods to create custom electronic enclosures. Sheet metal fabrication enclosures are affordable and durable. They are widely used on product such as desktop computer, indoor and outdoor industrial applications. Sheet metal fabrication is a ideal method to make custom electronics enclosure. A sheet of metal can be turned into an open-ended box. When the holes are punched and stamped into the box, the functional custom electronic enclosures are on the way. Aluminum, steel and stainless steel are the common used metals to create custom electronic enclosures. And depending on the application, a wide range of finishes can be added.


Injection molding custom electronics enclosure

Injection molding is a great method to mass produce simple consumer products. It can also used to create plastic parts in large quantities. Injection molding is widely used to produce handheld controller, sensors, electronic key, display and more. Injection molding can be used with hard thermoplastic like ABS, acrylic, aceta and non-rigid plastics like TPV and TPE which has shock absorption.


Pressure die casting custom electronics enclosure

Pressure die casting a a quick, reliable and cost-effective producing process to produce custom electronic enclosures with tight tolerances in high volume. Pressure die casting process consists of injecting under high pressure a molten metal alloy into a steel mold which gets solidified quickly to form a part. It is then automatically extracted. Compared to other processes, the cost of pressure die casting is lower. Pressure die casting is economical, thousand to million of parts can be produced before requiring replacement. Pressure die casting custom electronics enclosures has close dimensional control and great surface finish. Pressure die casting custom electronics enclosures have thin walls and are lightweight.

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