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CNC Prototyping


To churn out high volume of high-quality parts, we need to be able to make sure the parts we manufactured are standardized in terms of size, shape, dimension and quality. The first step in mass production of going is prototyping. To move mass production to be effective, the parts must be produced quickly. One of the most common methods of prototyping is CNC Prototyping.

CNC Prototyping

CNC Prototyping is done via computer numerical control. In the past couple of decades, people did digital design to create prototypes. It took a lot of time to design and then build an actual prototype based on designer’s sketches. With the help of CNC prototyping, the process is that designer create designs and the transferred to 3D modeling systems. The whole process is done via CNC computer. Machine will take the designs and data from the CNC computer. That data includes a laser cutting, 3D printer and precise movements that they need to make parts every time. CNC prototyping can use various of material including wood, acrylics, foam, metal and thermoplastics.

Using CNC machine can avoid human error and improve the efficiency of the cuts. It is a fast way to create prototypes. It help to cut the costs as the parts made from the prototype can roll off the quickly and cost-effectively when the prototype process is done. Rapid CNC prototyping process is automated. People only need to tell a machine what kind of shape they want to make the precise metal fabrication techniques and movements that need to be employed. People can program the computer to do certain cutting, spinning, bending, and folding movements to help shape the metal before doing something else at another stage of the process. Compared with traditional metal fabrication, CNC machining process is more efficient.

CNC prototyping is able to take greater control over the precise type of parts people want to create. Customization is important in the market. It is true that people want to create unique parts quickly for their next big project.

TEAM Rapid is proud to offer CNC prototyping services. We work with customers every step to ensure problems are addressed, designs are perfect, final parts are delivered on time and everything runs smoothly. If you are looking for CNC prototyping services, contact us at today.

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