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You Need to Know: China Injection Molding Cost

Injection Molding Service


A mold can cost from less than 1 thousand to hundreds of thousands of US dollars. It depends on a lot of factors, the mold’s complexity, material, size and number of cavities. In addition, we also need to consider about the factors of China Injection Molding Cost such as the injection type (cold runner or hot runner), geographic location of suppliers etc.


It is a common sense that the mold in more complexity, larger size will cost highly. Some features that cannot be release in the straight open and close direction will need a moving section such as slider, angular lifter, which will raise the tooling cost as well. The more slider and lifters leads to longer lead-time and tooling cost. At TEAM Rapid, we always provide a professional DFM report to our customer for optimizing the design and cut down the manufacturing cost.


The Injection Mold cost can be different when you choose the different tool steel. P20, NAK80, S136H are the popular tooling steel used in the field. These steels are good enough for molding volume up to 100,000 shots. If you just need just several hundred or several thousands, we would suggest you to use the Chinese P20 or Chinese NAK 80, which cost less than Al, meanwhile performs much better and stronger in tool building.


The number of cavities that you want will also affect the cost of the mold. Multiple cavities, the mold will be larger, and need more steel, which will take more time and fee to process. Also, the injection type in cold runner will cost less than hot runner, as less components will be applied in the mold base.


TEAM Rapid is a professional tooling and injection molding company in China, we can help to cut down the China Injection Molding Cost without compromising the quality. No matter 100 injection parts or 1,000,000 parts, we can give you a best solution. Contact our team at today!

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