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High Pressure Die Casting Process


Products are getting more and more complicated, there is a tread that client request to produce parts closer to the market there they are sold. This article is giving a detailed overview of High Pressure Die Casting Process which could produce complicated shapes in high-strength metal. High-pressure die casting is an automated process which produces complicated shape parts economically. It is suited to high-volume production. This article will tell you the process in details.

High Pressure Die Casting

High-pressure die casting is a metal casting process which use injecting molten metal - steel, zinc, copper, aluminum, lead, etc in to a 3D mold. The base metal is heated to be a liquid. Then, it is forced into the mold cavity which allows it to get the shape of the mold once it is cooled. High-pressure die casting is used to create many things. There are different ways to perform it, most high-pressure die casting processes consist of the four following steps.

The first step is to prepare the mold. In this step, it is important for manufacture to need to use a lubricant to the inner walls of the mold because the lubricant controls the mold’s temperature. And also build a film between the liquid metal and the mold. So, it is easy to release the mold. When the die mold is ready, manufacture will inject the molten metal into it. In this process, the mold is 100% closed and sealed. Or, it will not able to receive the highly pressurized molten metal. The molten metal will be injected into the mold by a pressure probably between 1,500-2,500 PSI depending in the part specifications. This pressure is kept until the molten metal is solidified. Then, manufacturer ejects the new cavity from the mold. If the metal is still in liquid condition, manufacturer has to wait for it to cool before it can eject from the cavity from the mold. The final step is shakeout. In this step, manufacturer separates any scrap metal from the newly created cavity because not all the molten metal is used to create the casting, some remains stuck inside the mold. So the scrap metal must be removed before the mold is reused


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