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Consider the Properties of Your Injection Molded Part

You will start to explore different plastics when you satisfied with the design and would like to move forward to volume manufacturing. As the diversity of plastic injection material, you can have vast choices of what material to use for your injection molded parts.


Before selecting a plastic for your molded parts, here’s a list of things you need to considerate:


1.  Transparency/translucency: If your parts have transparent requirements, a large amount of plastics can be eliminated immediately as they can’t meet your needs.

2.  Elasticity: While plastic is known in transparent, we still need to consider the material has good characteristic. Some plastics are surprisingly brittle, while other are made for strength and durability and purposefully aren’t meant to bend easily.

3.  Durability: Every product has their life time. Weather the product can work for a long time, it depends on what material your used. We need to settle down the life time then consider about material. Please note that using the toughest plastic for a cheap Injection Molded Part usually isn’t a wise choice.

4.  Health safety: Some plastics are known to gradually release toxins. However, your product will become a potential health concern if it contacts directly with food or drinks, like food container and kitchen equipments.

 Injection Molding Service

TEAM Rapid offers Injection Molding Service to meet your rapid prototyping and low to high volume production. Once you are ready to create a plastic injection mold for your parts, feel free to contact us at . We specialize in custom made molds for any volume injection molding demands.

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