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TEAM Rapid Prototyping Company - Customer’s Feedbacks


Here are some feedbacks from our current ongoing projects, see what our customers say:


Hello Jason,

Thanks I had a good weekend, and you?

I'm very surprised about the fast offer, and it looks very good!

Listen, this week I get the finish plans from my friend for the project.

I will write you about the next steps. that’s okay for you?

Best regards and have a good day.




Hello, this is Alan again from Princeton University. We were quite pleased with the parts that you sent to us last month. Would it be possible to receive another set of identical parts with the same quotation number (TP18131 for Mouktik)? If so, we can send you another payment via Paypal.

Thank you for your time,



Hi Walle,

We've gotten the samples and had time to test them.

For the most part the guards worked well, they look great and clip to the light pole very well.  The material seemed a bit darker than we were hoping and doesn't let enough light to shine through.

Is it possible to get some more sample of a whiter plastic and also a clear one to see if one of those work better for us? 

We can pay for these of course.



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