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Rapid Injection Molding Service Company


Rapid injection molding is a development process. We understand the process plays a crucial role in manufacturing, not only for low volume manufacturing, but also for mass production. A small mistake usually leads to incorrectly output and futile, so we always pay special care for this process.

Rapid Injection Molding Service


At TEAM Rapid, rapid injection molding technique is frequently used for the instant production of complex and fast turn-around products


Rapid Injection Molding process is acted as bridge to connect rapid prototyping stage to mass production stage.


We have simplified the complex process into 3 simple parts included tool design, part material and cost analysis.


At TEAM Rapid, we understand how to build the tool quickly and strongly. We know how to optimize the part layout for shortening the molding cycle time, which is greatly helpful for cutting down the Molding cost.


In order to maintain the high efficiency, we always employ the experienced and invest the best equipments.


Are you looking for Rapid Injection Molding Service Company to help for your injection molding project? Are you willing to get your products quickly to launch the market? Contact our team at today and get the best solution from our experienced engineers.

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