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Some General Materials for Injection Molding

Rapid Injection Molding

Injection molding is our main services at TEAM Rapid. We offer small to large volume injection molded parts to our customers. Even if you just need 10 injection molded parts, we cam meet your needs at competitive prices. In the past 1 month, many customers enquiry about the suitable material for there owned parts. Here, we are going to talk about the some general materials for Injection Molding, and their properties and applications.



Applications Examples


Strong, Flexible, Low Mold Shrinkage (Tight Tolerance), Chemical Resistance, Applicable for Electroplating, Naturally Opaque, Low/Medium Cost

Automobile (Consoles, Panels, Trim, Vents), Boxes, Gauges, Housings, Inhalers, Toys,etc


High Strength, Fatigue Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Low Creep, Low Friction, Almost Opaque/White, Medium/High Cost

Bearings, Automobile,Bushings, Gears, Rollers, Wheels,etc


High Strength, Fatigue Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Low Creep, Low Friction, Almost Opaque/White, Medium/High Cost

Handles, Automobile,Levers, Small Housings, Zip Ties,etc


Lightweight, Heat Resistance, High Chemical Resistance, Scratch Resistance, Natural Waxy Appearance, Tough and Stiff, Low Cost

Automobile (Bumpers, Covers, Trim), Bottles, Caps, Crates, Handles, Housings,etc


Strong, Rigid, Excellent Fatigue Resistance, Excellent Creep Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Moisture Resistance, Naturally Opaque White, Low/Medium Cost

Bearings, Cams, Gears, Handles, Plumbing Components, Rollers, Rotors, Slide Guides, Valves,etc


Very Tough, Temperature Resistance, Dimensional Stability, Transparent, High Cost

Automobile (Panels, Lenses, Consoles), Bottles, Containers, Housings, Light Covers, Reflectors, Safety Helmets and Shields,etc


Tough, Very High Chemical Resistance, Clear, Very High Cost

Valves,Plates, etc


Rigid, Heat Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Medium/High Cost

Automobile (Filters, Handles, Pumps), Bearings, Cams, Electrical Components (Connectors, Sensors), Gears, Housings, Rollers, Switches, Valves,etc


Tough, Flexible, Flame Resistance, Transparent or Opaque, Low Cost

Electrical Insulation, Household wares, Medical Tubing, Shoe Soles, Toys,etc


Tough and Stiff, Excellent Chemical Resistance, Natural Waxy Appearance, Low Cost

Chair Seats, Housings, Covers, Containers,etc


Rigid, Brittle, Scratch Resistance, Transparent, Optical Clarity, Low/Medium Cost

Display Stands, Knobs, Lenses, Light Housings, Panels, Reflectors, Signs, Shelves, Trays,etc

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