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CNC Inquiries in April

CNC Machined Parts



I am from Portugal, and we are one Electronic product Developer and Manufacturer.

At this moment we have one project that need small quantity of parts to Concept Validation.

I send you on annex the parts that I need.

I would like to take your advise about the best process and best price to the follow situations:

All pcs are in plastic like Nylon with machine finishing.

A) 5 pcs each reference.

B) 100 pcs each reference.

C) 1000 pcs each reference.

Best regards,




We would like to make a quote request for the attachments to this email. Note that all the parts are in transparent PC (polished) except P_M2_5 & P_M2_6 which are in POM. Could you reach out to me in order to allow me to provid to you the rest of the pieces to make ?

Thank you very much!



Hello dear sirs.

To know our company you may check enclosed overview.

At the moment our company start new progect for LED light fixture.

So we are looking for a CNC Prototypes Supplier.

Be so kind to check drawings and list of parts(sent to you via WeTransfer).

Demand - 12 sets.

We are limited in time, so let me know the fastest possible delivery date.

Desired DD - first week of April 2020.

Dont hesitate to contact me in case of any questions.



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