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Why Should I Make Injection Molding Parts in China?


In China, there are many different standard mold makers. At the beginning, it is important and difficult to choose the right mold maker It will takes time. It is easy to find a good injection molding mold maker in US, Japan, UK and Germany. But finding a great injection molding mold maker in China which offers reasonable price is really difficult. It is necessary to know Chinese mold market. For example, where are for cheap price, where are for low quality and where are for high quality with low cost. It is important to select the suitable mold maker in China, review the terms and conditions in your quotation. Although the mold quality will be improved, it is still need to supervise the mold design and qualification of the mold to make sure what you receive is what you paid.

Injection Molds


What should know when ordering plastic injection mold in China market

-- Offer detailed inquiries. Send the mold maker product specification and injection mold specifications. Any small detail like minimum eye-bolt dimension and cooling connector standard should be included.

-- When receiving the quotations from Chinese mold makers, a draft of the plastic injection mold design is provided as well. If you dont know the mold structure, you can not take in consideration their quotation.

-- Chinese mold maker will send video, injection molding part sample photo, mold design of similar projects which they have completed before.


What are the advantages of China Injection Molder?

At TEAM Rapid, we manufacturer high quality injection molds for Europe, US and International molders which need injection molds. We offer competitive quote to our clients which include cheaper shipping cost. Our customers will get all the advantages and conveniences of working with our experienced engineers while enjoying huge cost savings.


China Injection Molds are no longer cheap but still not expensive

As the internet rapid development and the convenience world communication the world trading is growing. This helps more Chinese injection mold manufacturers to get more chance to cooperate with worldwide companies. 5 years ago, China has strong manpower and cheap labor, but now, Chinese situation has changed. There is no low labor but the oversea companies dont think so as Chinese manufacturer need to raise the labor cost but the order price from their customers dont change. This forces many Chinese companies to survive on the risk of save cost for high labor cost from reduce the mold quality.


Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturers in China

10 years ago, China injection mold creating industrial has been through rapid developing and maintain 15% annual growth rate. To oversea customers, it is important to know about the capacity, quality standard, trading term of the injection mold manufacturers in China. Before making selection, a careful investigation or a on site visitation is necessary if the budget is allowed. It is also need to consider your own market as well, the best mold manufacturer may not your best partner but it is about who are the most suitable.


What are the reasons to searching Mold Manufacturers in China?

If you are able to find a mold manufacturer which close to your location, it will reduce your travel time. To make a mold in China, it is better to have your own eyes on the mold. Mold quality varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Different manufacturers build different category molds.


TEAM Rapid one of the best injection molding companies. We offer custom Injection Molding Part and injection mold to the world. We have customers from US, UK, Germany, Canada, Spain, Thailand and more. Are you ready to begin your injection molding projects with China injection molding company? Call us or send us an e-mail at, we will send you a free quote within 24 hours. 

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