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TEAM Rapid Offers Sheet Metal Fabrication Service

Sheet Metal Fabrication Services


TEAM Rapid offers sheet metal fabrication and stamping service to meet your needs. We recommend the process that best serves your product requirements. Our happy customers come from a well-versed range of industries for automation machinery, IT storage equipment, storage solutions, and high technology centers.


We can create sheet metal parts start from product developing Sheet Metal Prototype to mass production components. Nonessential sheet metal brackets to extremely complex enclosures for one part or low-volume and/or mass production parts, we can help you with!


For our sheet metal fabrication, we specialize in the items as such:


Metal intake manifold


Laser cutting


Special coatings


Support prototypes or low volume production

Sheet metal enclosure

Network storage equipment


TEAM Rapid is skillful in all areas of sheet metal prototype fabrication, which allows us to build a complete tool and die to extend the design’s manufacturability and increase the manufacturing accuracy. We understand the board scope of pressures and responsibilities that designer and engineer under take on the design and project. We know your thoughts and standards, and can satisfy your requirements.


For more information about custom Sheet Metal Prototype Fabrication, please feel free to contact us at , let us quote for your next pending project.



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