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Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Injection Molding


Plastic injection molding process is commonly used in large volume production of plastic parts. This process is to melt plastic, inject the molten plastic into the mold. This process is repeated again and again to produce thousands of same plastic parts. The most common material used in plastic injection molding process is the thermoplastic. Plastic injection molding is a great technology for production on a large volume. It is helpful for finalized prototypes which are are used for consumer and/or product testing.


Injection molding can produce high quantities of parts in a quicker manner than other manufacturing methods like machining or 3D printing. The whole process is automated which lower the labor cost while providing high accuracy on parts. Customization allow flexible design , for example, molded-in inserts and material properties like color option, strength, flexibility etc.


TEAM Rapid, as one of the leading Custom Plastic Injection Molding Companies, we provide high quality plastic injection molding parts at competitive prices with a rapid turnaround. Our plastic injection molding parts are used in a wide range of industries including automotive, medical, electronics and more. We welcome any inquiry. We will get you the prompt quotation within 24 hours.


Plastic Injection Molding is an efficient process, it impact cost, quality and productivity. There are many factors affect the plastic mold cost, for example, the mold/part size, difficulties of the design/structure, the quantity of the cavities in the mold. It seems that the early mold cost may be expensive and the product cost is cheap relatively, In fact, the final cost depends on the quantity. The more you order, the lower prices you will have.


Plastic injection molding process includes 9 steps. Material enters the barrel, then melted and mixed. Material shot sizes in barrel is created, mold is closed, plastic is injected into the mold cavity, molten material is cooled, mold is opened, parts are ejected. And return to closing the mold, then repeat other steps for the next cycle.


At TEAM Rapid, our expert technicians ensure our customers receive high-quality parts at competitive price which meet or even exceed their expectation. Our hassle-free service allow us to deliver your parts where and when you need. For more about our plastic injection molding capacity, contact us at today.

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