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Prototyping In Marketing


Prototyping is a way to present a product idea no matter it is just a simple model, 3D printing part or a refined version by prototyping firm. Prototyping let designers to improve their design errors and get feedback from market. A good prototype allows manufacturers to give potential customers an idea of what their products will be and what they will do. If you are looking for companies that make prototypes, TEAM Rapid is your best choice.

Rapid Prototyping


There are many benefits of making prototypes. Making prototypes let designer to do marketing test from appearance and overall design. Prototypes allow manufacturers to check and test if the parts work and are designed correctly, and test if all components fit together correctly. Prototyping is also a form of low volume production. Manufacturers can use prototypes to analyze the market. Form the evaluable data, they could know if the product and concept deliver the results as they expect. They could scrap or continue the idea before the real marketing starts to avoid costly errors.


Building a prototype will cost money. Investing a small amount in the early test stage will help save from losses in later development phase. Cost of prototyping depends on the level of sophistication and the prototyping process. It also depends on the size and complexity of the parts. And product design cost is ranging from USD$200 to USD$1,500 per day. Contact TEAM Rapid for a free quote. We will send you the most competitive price within 24 hours.


When manufacturer want to show they product ideas or to do marketing research, they need to build prototypes which work and look as close as possible to the end parts to reduce unnecessary costs. Rapid prototyping techniques like 3D printing, SLA, SLS and fused deposition modeling offers a copy of a CAD model. Rapid prototyping create model layer by layer from material like plastic, wax and metal. It allows manufacturers to check if the parts work and fit the problems before beginning production tools. If manufacturers have limited budget, they can do two prototypes by using cheaper material, one rough model to show the product look and the other one to show appearance.


TEAM Rapid as one of the leading prototypes manufacturer, we have more than 10 years experience in Prototype Making. We are able to handle the whole prototyping process no matter how complex your prototype is. If you need help on your prototyping marketing projects, contact us at today. Send us an outline, CAD data and detailed drawings of your product idea. Get us involved!

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