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Some Useful Tips in Injection Molding Designs

We always suggest our customers to adjust the model’s features before cutting the steel. All these suggestions will be presented in DFM report. The purpose of adjusting features is for better material flowing, allow the part cool evenly, and reduce the risk of cosmetic defects such as melt lines, sinks, flashes, warp etc.


Here are some useful tips to a quick rundown on how to handle common features in Injection Molding Design.


Wall thickness: the consistent wall thickness contributes to uniformly cooling, this is helpful to reduce potential issues such as sinks, warp, melt lines occur on part. A good rule of design wall is no less thick than 40 ~ 60 percentage of ribs.


Rounded features: rounded features helps resin to flow through the cavity smoothly, it can reduce stress and add strength to your part. If sharp edge and corners are critical to your part’s function, there are materials that support on sharp features will be better than none.


Draft: an important guideline, you should apply draft on all vertical walls. The draft size is depending on what texture and Injection Molding finish your needs on part. Typically, 1 degree draft per 1 inch of cavity depth is sufficient for SPI-B1 finish. Draft will ensure that your parts ejects cleanly from the mold.

 Injection Molding

TEAM Rapid offers Injection Molding Service for your rapid prototyping and low volume manufacturing needs. Our engineering team has rich experiences in tool building and injection molding. We understand how to optimize the part and tool’s structure to cut down the cost and lead-time. Want to get a full DFM report from us? Contact our team today and have a free quote now.

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