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CNC Machining China Factory


 At TEAM Rapid, we provide CNC machining service for metal and plastic product manufacturing to a wide range industries. Our team of engineers use software to read CAD drawing of the parts and are able to use different kinds of plastic and metal such as aluminum 7075, 6061, stainless steel 304, PC, PP, ABC etc to meet customers requirement.

CNC Machining China Factory


Computer numerical control which is also called CNC machining. It is a new process allows higher levels of automation and allow to do all the work by computer. CNC machining increase efficiency. CNC machining is a manufacturing process that computer software dictates the tools and machinery. CNC machining controls many complex machinery, such as grinders, lathes, mills and router. CNC machining allows to complete the 3D cutting tasks in a single set of prompts. Although CNC machines are expensive and complex, they can reduce workload and avoid errors. CNC machining improves automation and reduce the number of operators. Manufacturers can left the CNC machines unattended for hours and even days, this could allow operators to do other work. Manufacturers can also retain less operators which save overhead significantly. With the operator removed, safety is increased. CNC machines work faster than human machinists. CNC machines do not need to have breaks because they are fast and strong. CNC machines are able to run late at night and manufacturers do not need to worry about machines will be sleepy or need to paid for overnight. CNC machining is flexible. A CNC machines can be fully reprogrammed in hours to manufacture different products. CNC machines can quickly shift to producing a different parts without installing many new parts or a major of main components. CNC machines are able to keep up with customer requirements.


At TEAM Rapid, our CNC turning process can produce custom prototypes and end parts in a short period of time. We use a CNC lathe with tooling to machine many feature such as axial, radial holes, grooves and slots. Our CNC milling process produce custom prototypes and end products quickly. Our 3-axis milling and 5-axis milling machined processes produce many engineering grade plastic and metal parts.


Wire Cut EDM is a method to cut conductive material to cut conductive material by a thin electrode. The electrode is thin which is around 0.1mm to 0.3mm. The cutting speed will not be effected by the hardness of the work piece material. In wire cut EDM process, the wire and the work do not contact directly which allow machining without causing distortion. The wire is surrounded by deionized water. When the voltage reaches the right level, a spark jumps the gap and melts a small portion of the work piece.


CNC turning is one of the central methods of manufacturing. CNC turning can produce cylindrical parts with various contours. Turning is a subtractive machining process which use a cutting tool to remove material for producing cylindrical parts. The tool moves along the axis of the parts when the part is rotating building a helical toolpath. Turning term refers to creating parts by cutting operations on the external surface. The opposite of turning is boring. CNC turning and boring are widely used in various industries to produce usually axi-symmetric parts. TEAM Rapid, as a CNC Machining China Factory, we offer CNC turning services. Our process is largely automated from start to finish. CNC turning process includes creating the digital representation of the part in CAD, building the machining code from CAD files, setting up CNC lathe and manufacturing the turned parts.


If you need help for your CNC Machining projects, Please send us your design drawing with your detailed requirements. Our team of engineers will check your technical files and get you an instant CNC machining. At TEAM Rapid, we respect your intellectual property. We will never disclose customers drawing and other information to other parties. Are you looking for a reliable long term CNC machining China factory? Why not try TEAM Rapid? For more information, contact us at today

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