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Choosing A Right Aluminum Die Casting Company As Your Partner


As the construction and transportation industries develop, aluminum die casting companies are trying everything to meet market demands for high-strength and lightweight casting. When people choose a Aluminum Die Casting Company to work with, they need to consider aluminum die casting company’ process, equipment and to explain how their end product will be.

Alunimum Die Casting Company

When you choose a die casting company, you may need to think about what aluminum die casting. What is the aluminum die casting benefit? What are die casting applications? What are aluminum die casting choices and considerations?

Aluminum die casting is a process that shape molten metal to a mold by high pressure. There are a wide range of non-ferrous metals. And in transportation industry, aluminum is the most widely use because of its light weight and durability property.

To make more lightweight products, manufactures are using Aluminum Die Casting process. Aluminum’s lightweight and durability property is more suitable for transportation industrial applications. Aluminum is corrosion-resistant, cost-effective, eco-friendly, good elective-conductive and strength-to-weight ratio.

There are kinds of die casting applications includes bracket, ball bearings, cylinder blocks, electronic covers, engine parts, wheel parts and suspension arms etc. The most popular alloys are aluminum alloy A360, A380, 383, 384. Choosing the aluminum to use in your die casting is one of the biggest challenges. Each type has it own advantages and disadvantages. Each alloy will respond differently to machining and surface treatments and a reputable and experienced die casting company will guide you how to make this decision. When you begin your aluminum die casting project, you need to discuss with factory that the consistent quality, testing, aging treatments to reduce stress and stabilize the metal, constant temperature protocols or adding secondary processes, like heat treatments and fluorescent inspection.

At TEAM Rapid, our aim is to supply our customers with high-precision aluminium die-cast parts meet their needs, good cooperation with each customer is very important to us in order to optimally support our customers' quality goals. Our capabilities, range from CNC machined prototypes to full production including: plating, painting, powder coating, silk screens, assembly. We use advanced die casting, CNC equipment, and to validate our process; with perfect QA equipment and inspection techniques. Contact us at for help in your next aluminum product. We look forward to offering our unique solution to your next program.

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