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Plastic Injection Molding Process and Cost

When you start a plastic product manufacturing project, you need to know something about plastic injection molding process that involved in the creation of a new plastic product. Budget and time will impact the products you want to build. This needs the understanding how to get the products done. This article is about Plastic Injection Molding Process and cost that may help your business strategy.


Injection molding process is simple. A particular machine injects liquid plastic material into a customized mold that shapes the final products. How does the injection molding work? Let see the following:

Plastic machine is used to build the new plastic product depending on the type, size and shape. When you choose the correct machine, solid material is introduced in the hopper, the plastic is compressed by the rotating screw. Then, the plastic is transported and melted before it arrived to the injection chamber.  

In cold runner, the liquid material goes through the cold runner until it arrives to the mold.  The melted plastic has to go across a narrow road to get the center of the mold.

In hot runner, the liquid material goes through the nozzles that conduct the plastic directly to the center of the mold.

There are different kinds of injection mold. You have to choose the suitable one depending on the product shape you are going to manufacture. Tow-part mold normally fit most of the product shape. The plates separate their two halves to release the products. If the product is in complicated shape, the side action mold is required. This mold is more than two parts to release the products. Some products request particular mold with “releasers” to be pulled out when it finished. It is very essential to choose the right mold for your products or, something will get stuck.

It is not easy to answer your question that how much the injection molding cost? If you have a blueprint for your products you want to build, it is easy to come out with a budget by what do you want to do? What do you need and how much do you want to produce. A specialist can help you to reduce costs or give you ideas on how to make the project viable. She or he has more experience and tools that will prove very useful in your project initial planning.

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