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CNC Machining Is Perfect For Prototype Production


When it comes to produce prototypes, CNC machining is one of the most often used manufacturing techniques. CNC machining has replaced traditional manufacturing process. CNC prototyping uses computer to build functional and working prototypes. During the period of 80’s and 90’s, prototypes were created by engineers who used to operate route, shaping machines, vertical millers as well as center lathes. CNC machining offers various advantages in prototypes making. Prototype machining is fully automated and it replaces manual operator. Because of the excellent advantages, most of manufacturers choose prototype machining when they build functional prototypes. CNC machining is a go-to precise, efficient and expedient manufacturing method. Prototype machining has its own unique financial advantage. Compared to traditional prototyping machining which requited high cost and long run manual skilled labor, CNC prototyping machine is a single operator run the whole prototyping process. CNC Prototyping China is widely used in a wide range of industry which include medical, military, electronics, construction, automotive, agriculture etc.

CNC Prtototyping China


CNC machining is a computer numerical control process used by producers to build prototypes and machined parts. Machines and equipment used in CNC prototyping process are known as CNC machines. These CNC machines are computer numerical control instead of using old machines like router, lathes, grinders and mills. CNC machines are important for the whole CNC machining process. The whole process starts with a digital 3D design which is created by 3D software which in turn the computer will translate into commands and instruction for cutting tools. The prototyping machines use G-code software. G-code is a machining language which offers precise control. This special software is able to control and monitor the prototype machines. Once the code is fed onto the machines, it will request very little supervision or operator to monitor the manufacturing process as all cutting and performance are fully autonomous. The manufacturing process uses computer inputs to control main parts of the machines tools like lathes and drills.


Although 3D printing is dominant and widely used in rapid prototyping, CNC machining is also an ideal manufacturing method for rapid prototyping. To understand this technique, we may need to know why do the prototype exists. Firstly, prototypes have a wide range of functions as it is a presentation how the end product will look, feel and appear. This visual presentation acts as a guide for research and development and show proof-of-concept. A prototype with perfect aesthetics, it can be used as a salesmen model. Except for the visual presentation, manufacturer build prototypes not only look like the end product but also have the same function as the end products. CNC prototyping China is a preferred technique for prototypes which requires higher dimensional stability and strength. In the long-run, not all manufacturers will use end-used part made by 3D printing. Depending on the nature and type of prototypes, CNC Rapid Prototyping is a perfect choice.


CNC prototyping and traditional machining use the same raw-material to create the same final parts but there are some difference between these two techniques. CNC prototyping is autonomous and traditional machining is manual, CNC prototyping has advantages accuracy, production rate and speed. Traditional machining operator uses the whole set-up to accomplish the task and CNC prototyping operator executes commands and control from the back of the computer. Traditional machining cost less to produce low-volume quantity and CNC prototyping if perfect for high-volume production.


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