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Prototype Injection Molding


You can get real Injection Molded Parts for functional testing by using prototype injection molding technology. This process can also serve as bridge production to fill the manufacturing gap for production tooling.


Prototype molding can be built quickly; For the complexity geometries and features, we will consider to build it by manual inserts, so the part can has the shape and functionality for testing form, fit and function. Typically, prototype molds are warrantied for up to 10,000 cycles, whereas our prototype molds carry a warranty for up to 50,000 cycles as the better steel applications.

Injection Molding Service


Prototype Injection Molding highlights at TEAM Rapid:


1,  Fast quote and quick molds.

2,  Low cost and reliable quality.

3,  Unlimited part quantities.

4,  Detailed DFM report and analysis.

5,  In time project status report.

6,  Insert molding and over molding available.

7,  Diversified plastic available.

8,  Different finish and color selections.


TEAM Rapid can quickly Injection Molding by using P20 or NAK80 soft tool steel. Our dedicated project manager and engineer follow up your project tightly and give you a timely status report. Working with TEAM Rapid couldn’t be easier, we understand what you need and will always be your backup supports. Want to have a solution for your injection molded parts? Contact our team at today!

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