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Low-volume Manufacturing guides Small Business

With the competition increasing in the market, the market environment of modern industries has changed. And the competition increases rapidly according to customers’ needs. So, production methods have shifted to various advanced production models according to flexible automated production. Production types include mass production, multi-verity small batch production and single piece production. Most of China industries focus on multi-variety and small-batch production.

As the development of manufacturing technology, manufacturers are looking for more flexible and customized production. So, low-volume manufacturing is becoming more and more poplar. Low-volume manufacturing is the opposite of high volume manufacturing. Low-volume manufacturing is using different technologies to manufacture a small number of parts which is ranging from hundreds to thousands. TEAM Rapid, as a leading low-volume manufacturing company, we are able to offer Low-volume Manufacturing Strategies for your projects. If you need help on your projects, contact us today.

Low Volume Manufacturing

Low-volume manufacturing offer many benefits. Firstly, compared to high-volume production, low-volume manufacturing cost is lower, even the quantity is more than 100,000 units. Universal materials are suitable for low-volume production. When it comes to produce hundreds to thousands units, low-volume manufacturing has obvious cost advantages. Second, low-volume manufacturing is flexible. During low-volume manufacturing process, parts are modified and fixed very quickly any time according to market feedbacks. This can not be achieved in high-volume production. Third, low-volume manufacturing helps manufacturers to launch their new products to the market quickly. This is very important to success. Lastly, low-volume production is a bridge between prototype and mass production. It is a great bridge when creating prototypes from one to five units and mass production over 200 units. It is suitable for many Low Production Manufacturing Industry Examples. Low-volume manufacturing has disadvantages. For example, production cost will increase as economies of scale can not be enjoyed. It is not easy to respond to the market demand immediately.

Mass production is a multiple production type that parts are produced by using CNC machining, injection molding and rapid prototyping techniques. The same products and services are manufactured on a large number quantity. Mass production is the mainstream in production line. High-mix low-volume production is a production method to produce parts with similar designs and function in a small quantity. During mass production, quality is made uniform without affected by the worker. And the unit cost will be reduced. But in recent years, with the customization need increases, more and more customers use low-volume production. Compared with traditional mass production, low-volume production can meet a variety of customer needs, improve customer satisfaction and reduce the risk of high inventory. Disadvantage of Low-volume Manufacturing is the final cost will increase and production efficiency decrease. Producing a product with different specifications, the cost will increase because of the increasing number of materials can be sourced from the same raw materials. And the management costs are incurred for every product type. The main advantage of low-volume production is that it allows manufacturers to focus on the most time to market products by testing the consumers’ needs. But in low manufacturing industry, it is impossible to maintain scale production under a certain volume. The price is different in different quantity. It is hard to hear the expensive production cost, development cost will increase as many difficult parts must be developed at once.

TEAM Rapid is one of the leading manufacturers offer low-volume manufacturing services. If you need help in low volume manufacturing services, contact us at  today.

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