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Injection Molding Process


Plastic injection molding is a modern manufacturing method. Consumer product development benefits greatly from it because plastic is one of the main components of consumer products. And plastic injection molding is the ideal way to build plastic. Today, we would like to share some valuable information about injection molding process and disadvantage and advantage of Injection Molding Process services with you.



Product design

Design is the essential step at the very beginning as it offers the first chance to avoid costly mistakes. There are many factors like function, aesthetics, manufacturability, assembly need to be taken into consideration. Product design is normally finished with computer design software like CAD or solidworks. A professional design team has product design capabilities to brainstorm the design to meet clients’ particular requirements. Team Rapid, one of the Plastic Injection Molding manufacturers, our team will combine decades of experience creating elegant solutions to solve your complicated problems.


Mold design

When the rough product design is test and done for manufacture, injection mold design is begun. Mold are usually made from hardened steel, pre-hardened steel, aluminum, and Beryllium-Copper alloy. Like the overall product design, mold design is another chance to prevent defects during the injection molding process. When designing the mold, remember to design the proper blueprint, place or size the gates properly which will help to avoid costly mistakes.

Manufacturing process

When the products are designed properly, confirmed, actual production should start! Below are the basics of injection molding process:

Thermostat or thermoplastic material in granular form is fed through a hopper into a heating barrel. The plastic is heated by a predetermined temperature and driven by a large screw through the gate(s) and into the mold. When the mold is filled, the screw will remain in place to apply appropriate pressure for the duration of a predetermined cooling time. Upon reaching this point, the screw is withdrawn, open the mold, and the part is injected. Gates will either shear off automatically or be manually removed. This cycle will repeat again and again, and can be used to create hundreds of thousands of parts in a short of time.


TEAM Rapid is your experienced expert when it comes to injection molding products. We have modern facilities that enable us to manufacture high volume injection molding parts and low volume injection molding parts. If you have any questions about Injection Molding Services, our competent staff is happy to help. Have any fantastic ideas for your next new injection molding projects? Contact us at and get a free quote now.

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