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3 Popular Polymers Used in Injection Molding

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Nowadays, injection molding makes it possible to produce many items not only in large volume but also in low volume. There are many materials option when comes to the production of those items. How to choose? Here, we will talk about the 3 popular polymers used in Injection Molding and the benefits of each.


Polyamide (Nylon)


Good toughness and wear-resistance are the 2 of the qualities make Nylon be an appealing choice for a wide variety of applications. With a resistance to chemicals, high impact and abrasion, it is an ideal material for making sports equipments, medical products and automotive parts. Also it is used in applications that need low friction, such as bearings.


Polypropylene (PP)


Polypropylene (PP) is an ideal material for manufacturing products that needs high stress and resistance. Known for its flexibility, products commonly produced with PP include utensils and rugs. It is also used to produce food containers.


Polycarbonate (PC)


Polycarbonate (PC) is an ideal choice when you consider about transparency and high impact resistance requirements. bullet-proof glass, eyeglass lenses, and cellular phones are made in PC. If you need PC in high heat resistance, it can be combined with flame-retardant materials to create a variety of fire-resistant products.


Are you working on material selection on your Rapid Injection Molding project? Contact our team at today, we will base on your product’s application to suggest the most suitable material for your parts.


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