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Surface Finish FAQ

Surface finish bears directly on the cosmetic and part’s function. Selecting a proper surface finish or treatment benefits quite a lot on the product’s life time. Here, we are going to talk about the frequently asked questions about Surface Finish in these 2 months.

Pressure Die Casting Services

1. What material does E-coat apply to?

E-coat is a very robust finish, it can be applied to almost anything such as aluminum, zinc, steel etc.

2. What is the best pre-treatment for prepping aluminum casting parts?

We usually apply short blasting on the Aluminum Parts prior to finish. Both E-coating and chemical film act excellent primer for wet coat finishes on aluminum.

3. How much material is removed during the shot blasting process?

No part material is removed or lost during the shot blast process, the surfaces of the parts is peened off. The purpose of applying this process is to soften parting lines and sharp corners, and get an uniform surfaces finish.

4. Is chrome plating same as back plating?

Yes, they are the same. You can get that black chrome look with chrome plating, also you can get other colors. However, not every chrome plating supplier offers black or colored chrome. It is difficult to get a exactly expectation color for rapid prototype and low volume manufacture parts.

Do you have any other questions about surface finish? Are you looking for Pressure Die Casting Service from China? Just for a small volume parts? That’s OK, contact our team at today and get your solutions.

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