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Why Choose ABS Plastic?


In last topic we talked about the Top 5 synthetic, and mentioned that ABS is the most widely used resin for manufacturing, not only for Low Volume Manufacturing (such as CNC prototype & rapid injection molding) but also mass molding production. Here we will talk some more characteristics of ABS.

ABS is a thermoplastic plastic resin without toxic or tasteless, which made by polymerizing styrence ans acrylonitrile in polybutadiene. The ratio can be varied from 15~35% acrylonitrile, 5~30% butadiene and 40~60% styrene. The styrene gives the plastic a shiny and impervious surface, the polybutadiene which is a rubber substance provides the toughness, and the nitrile binds the chains together to make it stronger. This is the one of the internal factors for the excellent combination property.

The main advantages of ABS:

1. Good mechanical and thermal properties, milky white translucent, high hardness, easy to be painted and metallized

2. Resistance to fatigue and stress crack, high impact strength

3. Resistance to acid or other chemical corrosion

4. Easy to be processed by molding.

5. Good machinability & adhesiveness. It’s very helpful to make a complex part by splitting it to machine then gluing together, when the part can not be processed directly. This way is very popular for CNC prototype China. 

The main disadvantages:

1. Poor weather resistance

2. Heat resistance is not very ideal

3. Low elongation 

ABS can improve the performance as well by adding some agents or combining with other resins. For example, by combining with PC, the shock strength and heat resistance can be increased obviously; by adding PVC, the impact toughness and flame resistance can be improved as well. The following table shows some general parameters for different grades of ABS.


We have cooperated with many material companies agents such as Sabic, CHIMEI, LG, BASF, etc. At TEAM Rapid, we can support customer for the material recommendation solution based on the part structuration and application with our rich experience and resources. We are a professional Low Volume Manufacturing company, which can not only produce the parts in the material requested by customers’ request for the mature parts, but also study and test the materials together with customers to work out the best material option for the new product or mass production with our rapid injection molding technology at the lowest cost in the beginning.


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