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CNC Prototyping


The first step in the mass production of any metal part in standardized quality, size, shape, dimension and quality is to be prototyping. And one of the common methods to make mass production more effective and faster is CNC prototyping.


In the past, people spent massive time to do initial design and then create a physical prototype based on those sketches. CNC Rapid Prototyping helps to create design digitally and then transfer to 3D modeling systems. The whole process is done via CNC control which is more streamlined.

People can design parts digitally. Data and design in CNC computer tell a laser cutter, 3D printer and other CNC milling machines the precise movements they need to have when creating perfect parts every time. CNC Prototyping can work with various materials like metals, foam, acrylics, woods and thermoplastics.

CNC rapid prototyping helps to speed up production efficiently. CNC machines can prevent human mistakes and improve cuts efficiency which help to develop prototypes quicker. It also helps to cut the cost because once the process of creating prototypes is done, parts roll off the production line very quickly and cost-effectively.

It is beneficial that CNC Prototyping is helping metal fabrication prototyping process. Standard metal fabrication process is quite complicated including welding, extrusion, stamping, folding, bending, spinning, finishing, cutting. With the help of rapid CNC prototyping, most of this process is automated. People only need to tell machines that the shape they want, and the needed precise metal fabrication techniques and movements. The whole CNC machining process is more efficient than traditional metal fabrication.

It is true that customization is important in the metal fabrication industry. People want to create their unique parts as rapidly as possible. CNC prototyping is able to take control over the parts you want to create.

At TEAM Rapid, we are able to offer the best custom metal prototype. Our custom metal fabrication process makes use of top of the line equipment and high-quality alloys. We oversee the whole design, programming, and fabrication process carefully, ensuring every detail is perfect. We always maximize the quality of the products at effective cost. We give every client and prototype the individualized attention they deserve. Contact us at today and get a free quote now.

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