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Micro Machining CNC Services


Micro machining CNC parts are requested in many industries. At TEAM Rapid, we offer micro machining CNC services by using wire EDM, sink EDM and 5 axis machining centers to help customers of every size meeting micron-level tolerances. Our team of CNC machinists provides top quality services which meet or exceed clients’ expectations. We are pound of the components we machine. We always welcome the opportunity to discuss your unique projects.

CNC Machining

Micro machining CNC is the precise milling and manufacturing of super tiny components and products which helps to produce tiny parts more efficient and realistic. Miro machining CNC produce parts one by one which allows to establishing consistency with dimensions between parts. At TEAM Rapid, we will help you to control turnaround time and quality. We will provide the best options to save money and time.

Micro machining CNC is used in numerous industries including electronic tooling, medical parts, component energy-driven motors, fluidic circuits, and particle filters. At TEAM Rapid, our micro machining CNC serve industries like aircraft, aerospace, defense, energy, fiber optics, medical, tools, oil, gas and so on. Choose us for your micro machining CNC workshop, we use the most advanced micro machining CNC technology to accomplish your jobs successfully by machining precision parts with measurable results and repeatable accuracy.

At TEAM Rapid, our latest CNC lathes and mills allow us to build part as tiny as 0.004 in diameter for any industry. Our machines in our facility made parts from aluminum, beryllium copper, brass, bronze, plastic, stainless steel, steel etc. Swiss-type CNC machines can mill, cross-drill, knurl, thread and crimp with tolerances +/- .0001. Our state-of-the-art CNC Swiss machines are capable of performing multiple operations, in many cases, secondary processing is unnecessary after machining. Our team of engineers can get the precise parts done efficiently. We can offer prototyping quantity as low as 1 part or mass production quantity up to millions.

Your customer’s tiny part features can create the biggest challenge to manufacture. Contact us - micro machining CNC expert at to learn more about our Micro Machining CNC Services and capabilities. Let us help you make your parts.

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