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Plastic Injection Molding Process

Plastic injection molding is an ideal manufacture method for plastic molded parts in high volume quantity. Plastic injection molding process allows high tolerances and repeatability. There are a wide range of thermoplastic polymers, resins and elastomers available in plastic injection molding process. Plastic injection molding process is a cost-effective process for different types of industries and different kinds of applications.

Plastic Injection Molding Process

Plastic Injection molding is a process that raw plastic resin is poured into a hopper, resin is heat and injected into a custom mold to get the desired parts. Pressure is used to adjust to shrinkage. When the molded part is completed cooled, and mold can be opened and parts are released. As plastic injection molding process has ability to allow tight tolerance, it is a suitable manufacture way to produce standard and intricate plastic molded parts in nearly all sizes.

TEAM Rapid is an expert in creating customized plastic Injection Molding Products. We offer plastic injection molding service to different industries like aerospace, medical and daily consumer products. Our precision injection molding capabilities enable us to build thousands and even millions pieces of identical parts. No matter simple or complex parts, we are able to deliver precision plastic injection molding that meet customers’ unique specifications and requirement.

Plastic Injection Molding Service involves various processes which includes injection molding, overmolding, inserts molding and micro molding. Parts size, material, dimensional tolerance,and if the part needs material bonding or interior strengthening are the factor that need to consider when choosing the appropriate process to build the parts.

Overmolding is a process that combines two or more plastic molded parts to fabricate a single part. High tolerances could be obtained by overmolding. It is widely used to build parts with soft-grip surface. Insert molding is a process where elastomers, thermosets or thermoplastics are molded around metal and non-plastic parts. Micro molding a process allows tight tolerance to producing extremely small plastic molded parts. This process is widely used to build intricate medical and surgical devices.

TEAM Rapid has more than 10 years experience working in various plastic injection molding projects. Our professional team of experts is able to help customers to choose the best Plastic Injection Molding Process according to their product design, requirement and budget. Start your projects? Contact us at today.

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