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Things About Plastic Overmolding


Plastic overmolding is a new technology that can produce parts with complex geometry, soft-grip surface etc. Manufacturers use overmold combination such as plastic over plastic, rubber over plastic, plastic over, rubber over metal to enhance the properties of a part. Plastic overmold is a process that using injection molding technology to apply one material on top of another material by heat and pressure. Using the plastic molding technology increases the functional purposes of the parts. There are many industries, for example electronics, agriculture-based sector, automotive industries, medical applications use plastic overmolding technology.



Manufacturers use the four common overmold combinations to increase the strength of the parts. Plastic over plastic is to mold a rigid plastic part on top of a part which is molded before. Plastic over metal is to mold a plastic part on top of a metal part. Rubber over plastic is to add a rubber or thermoplastic part on top of a molded plastic part. Rubber over metal is to mold a rubber part on top of a metal part.


Applications of plastic overmolded parts include medical devices, knobs, window reveal molding, electronic devices, electrical parts, controls, automotive parts and so on.


Selecting an appropriate material for overmolding is very important as it help to maintain the part quality like tolerances and tooling reliability. Different plastic has different hardness, flexibility etc. Every plastic applications request specific material for overmolding process. When manufacturers make handle grips with thermoplastic, they usually use the very soft textured plastic. If the thermoplastic parts are produced by the thinner overmold, the part are harder. Manufacturers will use resins that have flexural modulus for overmolding to produce plastic parts with a softer feel.


Plastic Overmold design offers many advantages. It improves parts’ strength and structure. Overmolding over flexible design, multiple material selections and color options, it eliminates the bonding step during production which lower assembly and labor cost. The parts produced by overmolding have better pressure, shock and vibration resistance property as there is no loosening of plastic resin. With overmolding technology, production rate is quicker.


Overmolding brings a streamlined process in manufacturing. It can help to make the process of combining parts easier. If you need any help on your plastic molding projects, be free to contact TEAM Rapid at .

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