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How to Choose a Company for Your Injection Molded Parts


There are many factors the designer needs to consider for their injection molded parts. How to lock down the injection molding service that suit for your industry and requirements? You must have the basic knowledge of plastic injection molding before making the selection.

Injection Molding Service


Here are some key factors we take into considerations


Volume capability and specialization


There are tens of thousands companies in China offering plastic Injection Molding Service, you need to narrow down the list by auditing their volume capability and specialization. If you just need a small or medium volume parts (under 10,000 parts), you should prior consider prototype Injection Molding Company. These companies always can give you a quick turnaround for your products.


Compliance with specification


You should choose a manufacturer who can produce your parts without sacrificing the specification. In case that full compliance with the design is not difficult and expensive, the manufacturer must be able to make recommendations with many compromises.


Quality and Time


Quality and time are always matters to your. You must check if the manufacture can meet your expectations. You can ask them to send you free sample for validation.


Expanded Services


Companies offer expanded services can help you to cut down the cost and lead-time. Find a manufacturer who can offer prototyping, mold flow analysis, Injection Molded Parts design and highly responsive manufacturing will be great helpful for you to launch the market.


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