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TEAM Rapid : Testimonials from Customers

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Recently, we received lots of feedbacks from customers. Here, we are going to share some testimonials from customers about TEAM Rapid:


Dear Jason

Yes we have received it, and we have had a brief look this afternoon.

The parts look very good and they fit together as far we could see in the short time. Thank you very much!

We will check the functionality of all the parts in detail next week and then I can give you more feedback for the rest of our order.

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,




Hi Jason,

Hope you are well and thanks for your help with the parts made a few weeks ago. I now have 10 new parts that I'm looking to get made. You have already done Prototyping the MultiHandle and MultiHandleConnector.

Can I please get three quotes for the order quantities in the attached table. 


Attached are the STEP files for the 10 new parts plus an updated STEP for the MultiHandle. Some of the parts have screw threads (detailed in the table above). Please make sure these are visible on the STEPs.  

The only change to the MultiHandle is to remove the bumps on the underside then brush finish as with the top.    



Where I refer to brushed finish - I'm referring to the finish you did before


Stainless Steel - 316


Look forward to hearing from you

Many thanks, Luke


Hello Jason,

The recent shipment of tools are great. I am pleased with the color and quality. The packaging is better and very few CNC Machined Parts have imperfections. 

It is time for me to consider another order.  

Can you please answer a few questions for me.

1.  What is the lead time for 300 and 500 tools? 

2.  Please quote me with prices at 300 and 500 (including shipping)

3.  Do you offer custom packaging/ branding?  Or do you have a company that can package tools for me?


Thank you,


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