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3 Top Die Casting 2021 in China

3 Top Die Casting 2021 in China


Die casting is one of the most reliable manufacturing methods. In 2018, the global die casting industry market was valued at around USD 25 billion. Die casting is use to produce a wide range of products in many kinds of industry. Like other metal fabrication processes, the quality of die casting part depends on the metal material being used in production. The quality of metal impact the quality, durability, appearance and finish of the product. This article is will explore which metals work best for die casting.


What is Die Casting?

Die casting is a manufacturing process that force molten metal into the reusable metal by high pressure. Die casting allows to fabricate metal products with accurate dimensions, smooth and textured surfaces. Die casting is simple, speedy, and stable. It is a very popular manufacturing method. A die casting mold is made in to two or more parts to allow castings remove. And this mold is able to produce many casings fast. After being mounted into the machine, the section are arrange with on stationary section. And the other section will move. The two halves are clamped together by the machine. The die cavity is injected with molten metal and then solidifies quickly. When the die halves are pulled apart, the casting is ejected. Dies can be simple or complex. They can process slides, cores and other sections depending on the complexity of the casting.

What is Die Casting


Aluminum Die Casting

Aluminum one of the most popular die casting metals. Aluminum is lightweight. It is good to make lightweight products. Aluminum can withstand high temperature. It offer many finishing options. Aluminum and aluminum zinc allows are worth the cost in industrial applications. Aluminum is corrosion resistant. It is strong, hard, weight ratios an unparalleled. Aluminum is easy to cast. It is electrical and thermal conductive. So, aluminum is an ideal option to produce parts in computing, energy management and other field. As aluminum has many benefits, it is very popular in production of parts like industrial parts, automobile parts, tech parts, aerospace parts etc.


Zinc Die Casting

Zinc is also a popular metal in die casting. It is popular to make automotive and medical parts. Zinc castings is the best option when the parts are used for aesthetic purposes. Zinc can be plated and painted. It offers a smooth surface. Zinc allows to produce aesthetic part with strict and narrow tolerances. Melting point of zinc is low. So, it requires less energy to produce. The low melting point extend the mold life. Zinc is corrosion resistant,durable, hand and stable.


Magnesium Die Casting

Magnesium is commonly used in die casting. It provides great strength-to-weight ratio. It is the easiest metal to machine. Magnesium is perfect for connector and electrical housing because if offers EMI and RFI shielding properties. Magnesium is used in a wide range of applications. It used to produce medical and laboratory equipment as it offers protection against interfering signals. Magnesium is lighter than steel with no significant loos of strength. It is a better material to make castings with thin-wall and complex net shape. It is dimensional stable. Compared to steel, magnesium casting can meet tight tolerances.


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Die casting is tried, tested and proven manufacturing method which is conductive to streamlined, high-quality production. It is a cost-effective way to produce custom metal parts and create complex net shapes and complex internal features. If you are looking for metal die casting manufacturers, contact us at [email protected] today. Our experienced sales team will get you an instant free quote according to your project requirement.

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