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We Love Small Quantities High Pressure Die Casting

Small quantities high pressure die casting is the shortest route for getting your volume metal parts produced, it is a repetitive process suited to high production rates, and you can design your part in as little as 1-2.5mm wall thickness. Comparing to other casting processes, high pressure die casting can obtain better surface finish. This process allows precise, fast, cost effective production of zinc and aluminum castings. Even for complex metal parts, you get start the volume production quickly after sample approval. It meets the needs of product both required in appearance and dimensional tolerance.

Although evacuated chamber and other techniques, castings still suffer from porosity. This is the limitation of casting process, we can reduce the porosity areas and size by optimizing the product structure and tooling design. TEAM Rapid always offer the best tooling proposal for customer to get high strength casting parts without changing design.

Looking for Small Quantities? – No Problem! Most Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturer only offer their services for high volume orders. They claim the process prohibitive to small quantities casting zinc or aluminum as that lengthy set-ups. TEAM Rapid has found out the solution not only suitable for large volume order but also available for small quantities high pressure die casting production. We can provide the complete service no matter your need 10 or 100,000 parts in aluminum or zinc. Contact our team at [email protected] and get a free quote today.

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