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Advantages and Disadvantages of Pressure Die Casting

Are you looking for pressure die casting service from China? Here, we share our opinions about the advantages and disadvantages of pressure die casting here, which would be helpful for you to judge if this process is appropriate for your ongoing project.




1. Possible to cast fairly complex products than feasible by gravity die casting, due to precision tooling used for casting.

2. High production efficiency can be achieved as the whole process is almost completely automated.

3. The casted part can have a very good surface finish by post finishing.

4. Can reach a very small wall thickness, the injected liquid metal under high pressure can filled the cavity easily.

5. Better mechanical properties and tighter dimensional tolerances than other casting processes.

6. Economical both for small or larger volume production.




1. There might have set-up cost for small volume quantities parts, but this cost is low nowadays in China

2. Limitation by the casting machine capacity.

3. It is not suitable for all materials because of the limitations of the alloys used must have a low melting point.

4. Heat treatment is difficult & porosity is common.


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