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TEAM Rapid

CNC Machining Prototype Service

AT TEAM Rapid, our professional CNC Machining Prototype Service is suitable for low to mid volume rapid production. We used the most advanced equipment to provide CNC machining services including milling and turning in metal, plastic, and various materials. Our talented machinists are able to do any type of CNC rapid prototyping.

Our CNC turning and milling are to produce components with high degree of dimensional tolerance and complex shapes. We provide the best CNC machining milling and turning service to build product’s shape in 2D and 3D. Our professional team is able to offer bespoke CNC milling services to meet every customer’s unique manufacturing specifications. CNC milling is a method that applies a machined surface finish on plastic or metal product or building complex 3D shapes. The process is that a milling machine uses a cutting tooling which is moving in three dimensions, removing material to get the requested part shape. Material is placed on the moving tabel underneath the cutter. When the cutting tool turns, computer controls Z axis of the cutter and X and Y axis motion of the material. Our CNC turning services allows to producing plastic and metal parts in high quality. Our CNC turning capacity is suitable for prototypes and low production. With our more than 10 years experience in CNC turning, we ensure the performances of our components meets customers’ expectation. We provide precision CNC turning for a wide range of applications like engine components, construction equipment, valves, sockets, bushings etc. Our lead time is normally 1-2 weeks depending on part complexity.

CNC machining is not limited to any common material. According to customers’ 3D technical file and the set program, our CNC prototype machining can be cut on any type of metal or plastic material. Tolerance range is normal +/-0.05mm. The most commonly use materials we are using including plastic, ABS, PMMA, PC, nylon, polypropylene etc.

No matter you have aluminum or plastic machined parts need to be produced by CNC Machining Prototype Services, TEAM Rapid is your best choice. Contact us today to get your CNC machining prototyping project started. We help to reduce the cost and optimize your project by providing a series of solutions to solve any issues. We always offer the best machined prototypes and services at the most competitive price. For more information, contact us at [email protected] .

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