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Injection Moulding Price

One of the most important things that plastic injection molding project is the injection moulding price and injection molded parts price because if the project fails. Manufacturers will lose a lot of money and time. This article will share some ideas about plastic injection moulding price which may help to you better understand the factors that affect plastic Injection Moulding Price and will help you to save money and time for your new projects.

To know the initial cost for your plastic injection molding projects, send us your 3D design or pictures, let us know your specification, for example, material, quantity, additional surface finishing. We will send you the most competitive quotes within one day.

The weight of material plays an important role to determine the plastic material cost. Components’ wall thickness and the type of materials also affect the unit part price. Each type of plastic price is no the same. For example, PP price is different from ABS. Injection molding production cost is depending on the hour rate and cycle time. If manufacturers produce a large part, they need a larger clamping force that will need more expensive machines.

Mold base and the machining of cavities affect the plastic mold cost. Mold base cost depends on the part size. Larger plastic parts need larger and more expensive mold base. Price of machining the cavities depends on parts geometry aspect. Other factors which require additional time affect the cost as well. For example, surface, side-cores, tolerance etc. Order quantity also impacts the plastic injection mold cost. Higher volume production normally need better quality mold which are more durable. Mold base that use stronger mold material is more expensive. Plastic molding color does not effect the cost too much normally. But it is still depending the color will be applied. For example, if manufacturers want white color, the cost will be around 10% more than other solid color. And if they want to produce molded parts in clear color, cost will be around 25-40% higher.

We offer the most competitive injection mold price based on your product design and injection tooling requirements. We work with a wide range of thermoplastic polymers including ABS, PC, PP, Nylon (PA) family, etc. We offer reliable quality and fast lead times. As a one-stop shop, we provide project management from design to delivery of low and high-volume items. Get you projects to started, contact us at [email protected] today!

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