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Guidelines for Gate Location

Gate location is a key point of mold design. The proper gate location can shoot down lots of injection defects. Here, we are going to talk about our considerations about gate location in injection mold.

  1. Place the gate at the heaviest cross section, which allows for better part packing and less voids and sinks defects.
  2. Place the gate away from cores and pins to minimize obstructions in the flow path.
  3. Place the gate far away from the part’s function and aesthetics areas.
  4. Place the gate in a area which allow for easy manual or automatic degating.
  5. Gate should be in short flow path length to avoid cosmetic flow marks.
  6.  In some cases such as for big part or thin walled part, it may be necessary to add one or more second gate to properly fill the part.
  7.  For the thin walled part, if short shot problem occurs, and one or more second gate doesn’t work, add flow channels or make wall thickness adjustments to correct the flow.

Depending on the type of plastic being molded and the size of part, the gate vary differently in size and shape. TEAM Rapid is a professional tool maker and Injection Molding Supplier in China. In the past 2017, we helped 238 customers worldwide to build their tool and mold their products successfully. We understand what their need and can provide the best solution for them. Want to know more about us? Contact our team at [email protected] today and get a free quote.

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