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TEAM Rapid

Injection Mold Maker

As a leading Injection Mold Maker, TEAM Rapid has over 10 years’ experience in designing, producing and running injection mold tooling. We have the streamlined in-house mold making process that allows us to deliver molded parts to client in a short period of time. TEAM Rapid get satisfaction from clients for molding high complex parts in a short lead time.

As a professional injection mold maker, we produce our tooling on industry-leading CNC and EDM equipment with high accuracy on the tool. We use high stable alloys and quality mold components to assure reliable operation during the injection molding process. We control each step of projects and accommodate customer requested engineering changes efficiently. When we finish each project, we store the customer’s tooling in our computerized storage system so we can inject additional parts efficiently on short notice.

Depending on the application, design and material, we deliver prototype injection molded parts usually in 5 working days. We are proficient in producing even very complex prototypes on very short timescales. We frequently support injection molded parts production quality low volumes (100s to 100,000s). Customer molds can be stored and re-run indefinitely. Our Scientific Molding Process assures molding very quickly for low volume applications, especially for more complex projects. As we mold in-house, the transfer times from mold production to molding floor reduce hours so our clients are able to get injection molded components for production or prototype applications

Because of our super efficient and advanced molding system, the cost of our precision CNC machined mold is competitive for short run and prototypes. Our process is fast and affordable. When compared to production tooling for bridge and large volume production, our pricing and lead time are attractive which allows customers to bring their product quicker at lower cost. It also allows customer to decide on production tooling and engineering changes flexibly based on market demands. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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