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High Pressure Aluminum Die Casting

High pressure die casting process is one kind of process that metals are molted with pressure to get the desired shapes, sizes and thickness. Compared to plastic mold, it is cheaper and lighter compared to parts which are die cast. High Pressure Aluminum Die Casting is done with a hot chamber process.

Aluminum die casting is a non expendable technique of molding in which the aluminum is forced into a molded cavity by high pressure. Manufacture can use the process repeatedly to make different kinds of design and shape, size and thickness parts. But still can achieve high accuracy.

Die casting process is done by high pressure methods include squeeze casting and semi solid die casting.  Squeeze casting is used in casting molted aluminum without turbulence or gas entrapment to yield high quality, density and heat on the treatable aluminum. Semi solid die casting is used to cast aluminum to provide density and heat treatable casting with a low porosity.

By injecting molten metal into a hard steel mold and allowing it to solidify under pressure before ejection, high pressure die casting provides the shortest route from molten metal to finished component.

High pressure die casting allows fast, precise, cost effective production of aluminum and zinc die castings which meets the requirements of advanced industries where product appearance and dimensional tolerances are critical. At TEAM Rapid, we have high pressure die casting machines with locking forces of between 220 and 530 tons. All feature automated real-time shot control, automatic ladling, die-spray, automatic casting extraction and cooling.

Aluminum is a lightweight metal, which it creates very light weight products with sacrificing strength. Aluminum die cast parts also have more surface finishing option and can withstand higher operating temperatures. Aluminum is corrosion resistant, conductive and has great stiffness and strength-to-weight ratio. It helps to produce high volume of die casting parts quicker and cost-effectively than other casting processes. So, aluminum die casting is popular in industries. Aluminum die casting provides advantages include lightweight, durable, good strength-to-weight ratio, great corrosion resistance, excellent electrical conductivity and eco-friendly.

At TEAM Rapid, We have optimized our tooling preparation and set-up operations to make the process more accessible to customers who have small quantities. We provide die casting services whether you require 10 or 10,000 parts. For more information, contact us at [email protected] .

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