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High Pressure Die Casting

High pressure die casting is a process the molten metal or metal alloy injected by high speed and high pressure into the mould to get the desired shapes, sizes and thickness. It is cheaper compared to plastic molding and even lighter compared to its parts which are die cast. Depending on the metal which is going to be used, the injection unit which fills the mold can be hot chamber or cold chamber. In hot chamber die casting, the metal is held within the die casting machine and then drawn into the chamber the forced into the mold by the injection piston.

Depending on the metal being used, the injection unit that fills the mould can either be hot chamber or cold chamber. In hot chamber die casting, the metal is held within the die casting machine itself, then drawn into the chamber and forced into the mould by the injection piston. These parts of the machine are in constant contact with the molten metal. In cold chamber process the metal is first melted in a separate furnace and transferred to a holding furnace, then poured into a shot sleeve and injected into the mould. High pressure die casting technology allows to producing very large light alloy parts in high volumes and great speeds. These machines can produce light alloy parts with high precision, superior surface finish, excellent uniformity and optimum mechanical properties.

Cold chamber high pressure die casting is an ideal technology for production of a diverse range of aluminum and magnesium automotive castings like engine blocks, gearbox casings, oil sumps, engine mounts and structural parts. It is widely used to manufacture components in applications that range from the simplest – a lighting component – to the most demanding, such as aerospace engine parts.

TEAM repaid, as a aluminum High Pressure Die Casting manufacturer, we provide high quality die casting with delivery and pricing achieved. Aluminum die casting is considered as a non expendable technique of molding that the aluminum is forced into a molded cavity using high pressure. This process can be repeatedly used to make different kinds of designs to produce different kinds of shapes, sizes and thickness with accuracy so that it is attractive to the buyers. There are several advantages of high pressure aluminum die casting process. It is accurate, economical and long lasting. What’s more, the process is automated and the molds can be used repeatedly.

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