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Low Cost Zinc Pressure Die Casting Services

Die cast parts are designed to enhance the product’s strength then obtain a longer product’s life time. In the field of pressure die casting, aluminum and zinc are the 2 most commonly used material. Here, we are going to talk about the advantage of Zinc Die Casting, and zinc pressure die casting services.

1. Zinc can be casted to precision tolerances, which require less post machining.

2. Zinc can be casted in excellent surface smoothness, and net shapes but with thinner wall section.

3. Due to zinc has less corrosive to the mold, it allows the mold to last for a longer life time.

4. Zinc has relatively low melting temperature (379~390 degrees), the production cycle should be faster and shorter than the other metal in the same shape.

5. Zinc also provides superior adhesion for surface finishing such as powder coating, painting and plating.

Are you looking for low cost zinc part manufactured? TEAM Rapid offers zinc pressure die casting services, no matter 50 parts or even larger volume than 100,000 parts, we can have a best solution for you. Meanwhile, we provide the value added post finish service, which allows you to get the good part without troubling. Contact our team at [email protected] today and get a free quote.

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