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One Of the Best Plastic Injection Molding Suppliers in China – TEAM Rapid

For more than 10 years, TEAM Rapid is pound to offer plastic injection molding services. We have successfully produced millions of plastic injection molding parts which are useful to people’s daily life which are ranging from the first cup to coffee to keeping our food and drinks stay fresh longer. Here at TEAM Rapid, our team of engineers create injection molding parts which help to detect illnesses to find a cure and make homes smart and customized. Our engineers are able to offer custom solutions to reduce Co2 emissions globally. Each our custom injection molding part are made with technical plastic injection molding. We will continue to improve and innovative throughout time.


Here at TEAM Rapid, our plastic injection molding process can create custom rapid prototypes and end-used parts. It will usually take us around 15 days or even less to finish an injection molding part. We use aluminum molds which provide cost-effective tooling and speed up production cycles. We have more than 100 different thermoplastic resins in stock. We offer two injection molding services options which include prototyping and on-demand manufacturing. Each of them offers benefit depending on customers’ project need. If the quantities are higher, an affordable piece-product price is important and fast turn production throughout the product life cycle is important. In this case, on demand manufacturing option is an ideal option. If you are wondering how to find plastic injection molding near me, you are at the right place. Contact us today for your plastic injection molding projects.


What is Plastic Injection Molding?

Plastic injection molding is a manufacturing process that melt and inject plastic pellets into a mold or cavity to create a desired part. When the desired part is formed, the material is cooled and ejected from the machine, a functional and finished injection molding part is done. Most products we see in our daily life are plastic injection molding products, for example, vacuum cleaners, speakers, health aids, smart home devices, electric transport, virtual reality goggles and more. And most parts in an automotive product are made by injection molding process.


What are the benefits of Plastic Injection Molding?

At TEAM Rapid, our plastic injection molding capability allows us to from a single process and in one shot to create injection molding parts which are repeatable, accurate, cost-effective and with desired function and right surface finish.


1, Accuracy – At TEAM Rapid, our injection molding parts are repeatable and with a tight tolerance consistently.

2, Repeatability – We are able to produce parts with the same shape in the millions.

3, Functionality – Injection molding process makes it possible to design many feature into the injection molded parts which include complex shapes which can not be achieved by other material or manufacturing processes.

4, Surface finish – We have different injection molding process which are coupled with specific tooling, so we can achieve a wide range of surface finishes which are ranging from high gloss to textured surface to simulated natural fibre.

5, Cost efficient- When produce volume injection molding parts, tooling cost is the main cost. When investing the tooling cost, the actual production products can be a small part if the cost to create compared to other manufacturing process. And compared to other tradition metal parts, the weight of the part itself provides cost saving from functionality to cheaper shipping cost.


How does Plastic Injection Molding work?

The plastic injection molding process at TEAM Rapid is a standard process which involve an aluminum mold. Compared to steel, aluminum can transfer heat much more efficiently. So, aluminum molds do not require cooling channels. That means we can save time to monitor fill pressure, cosmetic concerns and creating a high quality parts. During plastic injection molding, resin pallet are loaded into a barrel. The resin pellets are melted, compressed and injected in the barrel into the mold’s running system. Hot resin is shot into the mod cavity through the ages and the parts are molded. Ejector pine facilitate removal of the injection molding part from the mold where it falls into the loading bin. When the injection molding run is finished, the injection molded parts are packed and shipped.


What is the reasons to choose Plastic Injection Molding for your projects?

At TEAM Rapid, we use a rapid injection molding a technology-driven process which leverages production automation. CAD models are sent to the production line directly where mold milling starts. For most cases, injection molds are built from aluminum instead od steel which allows for quicker and most cost effective tooling compared to traditional steel mold. We also provide a number of additional surface finishes to support customers’ projects.


How to reduce the Injection Molding Mold Cost?

1, Eliminated undercuts.

3, Avoid the unnecessary feature

2, Use a core cavity approach

3, Reduce cosmetic finishes and appearances

4, Modify and reuse molds

5, Pay attentions to DFM analysis

6, Use a multi-cavity or family mold

7, Consider the size of the part

8, Design self-mating parts


What can injection molding be used for?

Injection molding is widely used to create a wide range of parts. When you look around your home, you will find many injection molded parts which inlcude bottle caps, remote control casting, console covers, syringes and other plastitc made parts.


Tolerance of injection molding

At TEAM Rapid, we can maintain a injection molding tolerance of +/- 0.05mm. According to the selected resin material, the tolerance can be accurate as 0.002mm. We will show the resin tolerances of all thermoplastic materials on your quote. If your injection molded part is outside of these tolerances, contact us today to discuss how we could help.



Plastic injection molding is a great manufacturing technology to produce parts in plastic and liquid silicone rubber in mid to  high volume. Plastic injection molding is evolving over time so it is worth to exploring new ideas that could help to reduce your part cost for low volume production runs. It is worth to invest other technologies which include CNC machining or 3D printing. These technologies can help to make the right choice for customer needs. Contact us today to begin your injection molding projects by uploading your CAD file.

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