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What Is the Secret of China’s Competitive Costs?

Don’t think there is a secret. The fact is, manufacturing cost in China now is reasonable and competitive, and the quality now is dependable and reliable. Here, we are going to talk about the reasons.


  1. Low labor cost for educated force work


South Asian, South East Asian, African had lower labor cost than China for years, however, their labor is under-educated. In fact, with the declining public education standards in the west, you can’t actual find that large of a labor force educated in science and mathematics out of China.  This labor force is cost-effective and large, which is the reason why technologies in China now is developing so quickly too.


  1. Complete industrial supply chain


You can almost source everything in China. This means that the manufacturing diversity in China. As the complete industrial supply chain, you can get one-stop service from your supplier. This shoots down lots of troubles, and every process here is less expensive, the total amount cost will be lower. Meanwhile, as the distant for each process/factory is closed, you can save money on transportation.


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