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Rapid prototyping is a group of manufacturing techniques, used to fabricate physical parts, models, or assemblies using 3D computer-aided design (CAD). At TEAM Rapid, we offer services of rapid manufacturing to get your prototypes quickly, custom prototypes shipped in as little as 1 day.

The main 4 types of rapid prototyping methods at TEAM Rapid.

· CNC Prototyping: diversities machining materials for 1 to 500 parts in a quick turnaround.

· 3D Printing Services: custom metal and plastic parts shipped in as little as 1 day, with no design limitation.

· Sheet Metal Prototyping: realize your sheet metal prototypes as per mass production part with diversities post finish, we love small volume sheet metal fabrication.

· Vacuum Casting: excellent prototyping method for low volume custom plastic parts at 3 to 100+ PCS.

There are lots of benefits of rapid prototyping:

·  More Flexibility Available.

·  You can verify and change your design easily.

·  Reduce investment costs at the very beginning.

·  Exhibit your concepts and ideas easily by showing prototypes.

·  Reduce flaws and win investments.

·  Shoot down the potential manufacturing defects and boost efficiency.

Contacting us for rapid prototyping services, here are the steps:

Step1: Upload your designs files in igs or stp format, tell us details and expectation of your project.

Step2:TEAM Rapid will send you the quote within 24 hours. We will kick off the manufacturing once the quotation is accepted and the order is confirmed.

Step3: Our engineers will keep you posted through photos, videos, and reports to clearly tell you the production status.

Step4: Your custom-manufactured parts are delivered straight to your doorstep under different business terms.

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Are you looking for a reliable supplier from China? A qualified supplier who can offer not only mass production, but also rapid prototyping and low volume manufacturing? TEAM Rapid starts in 2017, we serve lots of customers such as Google, Tesla, University of Oxford etc to launch their projects successfully in these years. 

If you have any question or need any engineering supports, please feel free to contact us. TEAM Rapid aims to provide a best solution to our customers. 

  • Pro Service Team
    Pro Service Team
    Our professional service team are ready to answer any question from customers 24/7/365
  • Expert Engineers
    Expert Engineers
    The founder and the engineers have at least 10 year experiences in rapid manufacturing industry
  • Top Quality Guarantee
    Top Quality Guarantee
    All our parts have been full inspection before shipment. Quality is our life.
  • Powerful Production Ability
    Powerful Production Ability

    TEAM Rapid invests a series of precise machines to meet your any volume production needs. Always a timely report.

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