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Job Specification:

Part Size: 123mm*16mm*14mm

Process: Prototype Tooling & Rapid Injection Molding


Rapid Injection MoldingTooling Information:

Tooling Quantity: 2 (Tooling 1 for orange hard plastic component, Tooling 2 for over-molding)

Tooling Steel: Both Tooling 1 and Tooling 2 are in Chinese P20 steel

Surface Finish: Both Tooling 1 and Tooling 2 are in Texture (MT11010)

Cavity: Both Tooling 1 and Tooling 2 are single cavity mold

Tooling Lead Time: 14 calendar days for 2 molds

Tooling Life: 5,000 Shots


Molding Information:

Part Material: PC+ABS (Component 1 in orange, Component 2 in blue)

Surface Finish: Texture (MT11010)

Ordered Quantity: 100 PCS

Production Time: 4 calendar days


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